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Guest Artists 

We host a different guest artist on a monthly basis. Check out our upcoming guest artist list to see when your favorite national and international award-winning artists are coming to Salt Lake City, Utah, 

We have a free loft for guest tattoo artists in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you are a tattoo artist looking for a guest spot in Utah look no further!

Here is our Guest Artist Info:


We have two locations:

1. Raventhorn Manor Tattoo

145 South 400 East

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111


-Raventhorn Manor is a private, appointment only studio. It has a loft bedroom that guest artists can stay in. There is a bathroom with shower on site, a small kitchen area, and a laundromat across the street. Here are photos of the guest area:


The loft is only big enough for one person or maybe a couple. It wouldn't work for more than that. 


2. SLC Ink Tattoo

1150 South Main Street

Salt Lake City, Utah 84101


-SLC Ink is a walk in style street shop. 

With deep roots in downtown Salt Lake it's a perfect fit for a first time visit to Utah. Plenty of work available. No lodging provided though. 



Both shops are open everyday from noon-8pm but you can tattoo whenever you want. 


We offer 60% to guests if you stay in our bedroom loft at The Manor as we have cleaning and maintenance fees associated with it.

We offer 70% to guests that provide their own lodging to help cover that expense.


The studio supplies everything other than inks, needles, machines, power, grips, and other specialty items (special bandages, ointments, Stencil Stuff, ink trays, etc).

Guest artists only need to supply their own machine, inks, needles, grips, Stencil Stuff power, and cords.


We are fully disposable, no autoclave.


There is a local tattoo supplier if needed:

We will need to register you with them if you plan on using them.


No pets or smoking in the buildings (service dogs only).


There are plenty of food places within walking distance for both locations.


We recommend staying 3-7 days at first. Preferably over a weekend. We don't overlap with other guests unless you know you will be booked for sure (it's difficult marketing for two guests at the same time).


There is no license needed. 


If you fly in we recommend renting a car or expecting to use Lyft or Uber during your stay to get around as we don't have a shop driver. We can typically have someone pick you up from the airport depending on when you arrive. 


Artists in Salt Lake typically charge $120-200/hour depending on their following, how far they are booked, demand, etc.


Guest artists here are responsible to take their own payments and deposits. We recommend that you have a way to accept card payments and a PayPal or Venmo account.


You MUST be able to settle with us at the end of your stay using one of the following forms of digital payment: PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. We are not a cash only business and have limited access to cash. Do not come without one or more of these set up and ready to use.


We can help with booking if needed. 

We have a front desk that can send people your way. 


Artists that do fine line blackwork, black and grey realism, watercolor, and other popular styles are usually prebooked. We do have overflow if you don't prebook, but of course it's unpredictable. Especially between October-February.


Please see our current guest lineup at


You can book a guest spot at

Choose the 'recurring' option when booking to select multiple days.


Please consider booking one day ahead of when you plan to start working to give yourself time to set up and settle in.

You may also want to book extra days to do touristy things so you're not working every day. 


Please keep in mind that we typically slow down a little between Thanksgiving through Christmas. If you don't already have a clientele in Salt Lake you may want to consider coming when it's busier. 


Thank you!

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